Volunteers are vital to the continued success of the WUAA and its goal of providing value to alumni throughout their lives. Whether you are in Salem or Bangladesh, there are numerous ways to get involved, get connected, and help your fellow Bearcats.

Career Network

Join a group of alumni who consistently help students and recent grads with career discernment, professional development and new career path discover by attending career fairs, participating on event panels, and engaging on platforms like LinkedIn and Switchboard.


Participate in one of the WUAA regional chapters, clubs or interest groups. Opportunities range from hosting a simple event to taking on a leadership position.

Class Reunions

Help organize your reunion and encourage your classmates to attend!

Class Liaisons

Act as a helpful intermediary between the WUAA, the Alumni Office and your classmates. With direction from the Alumni Office, Class Liaisons engage alumni with individualized, personal contact.


Assist in the recruitment of prospective students by representing Willamette at college fairs, visiting high schools, hosting events, and/or referring prospective students to the University.

WUAA Board of Directors

Represent the 25,000 Bearcats around the world at meetings three times per year. Members are elected to serve three-year terms.