Learning By Creating Curriculum Grant

2017 Grant Applications Due June 15 by 5:00 pm

Supports stipends and/or materials for faculty design and redesign of courses or course modules in the arts, humanities and humanistic social sciences. Maximum budget $3000 per individual proposal with a max budget of $1000 for stipend. Correspondingly larger budgets available for multiple faculty member proposals.. Budget can be proposed as stipend(s) and/or materials, services etc. Supports curricular innovation and revision such as:

  • introducing hands-on or creative learning
  • enhancing hands-on or creative learning
  • designing collaborative or interdisciplinary learning experiences
  • purchase of equipment for use in courses
  • supplies/travel/materials for courses involving creative production or analysis of creative products

Examples of possible uses (among many):

  • Fund travel for senior seminars or other classes to visit archives, etc.
  • Mini-master classes to bring creative production approaches into humanities or humanistic social sciences course through introduction of, for example, photographic, audio, video, storytelling, podcasting.

Stipend payments for Summer 2017 cannot be paid out prior to July 12.

Examples of Past Proposals

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