Requirements for the Arts, Technology And Multimedia Minor (5 Credits)

  • At least four courses focused on use of technology in creating artistic works (starred).
  • Two starred courses from one departmental area. At least one must be at or above the 300 level. (2)
  • One course from each of 2 other departmental areas (2)
  • One additional course (1)
  • No more than 2 courses may be in a single department.

Department Areas and Courses

Note: All courses listed below are 1 credit unless otherwise specified.

Art & Art History

Computer Science


  • ENGL 135 (CA) Creative Writing: Screenwriting (topic dependent)
  • CINE 110 (CA) Introduction to Cinema Studies


  • MUSC 121 (CA) Creating Music with Technology*
  • MUSC 133 Music Theory II (.5) and
  • MUSC 339 Digital Music Techniques (.5)*
  • MUSC 425 Advanced Digital Music Production*




A total of no more than 1 credit from:

  • THTR 010X (CA) Theatre Practicum (.25-1) and/or
  • THTR 011X (CA) Theatre Practicum - Atypical Performance (.25-1)

Additional course(s) from the following: