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Exercise Science

The mission of the Department of Exercise Science is to provide students with a solid grounding in the factual and conceptual mastery of the interdisciplinary nature of the study of human movement.

The curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking, effective writing, clear articulation and presentation, and to promote analytical skills that transcend the subject matter. Students also participate in, and learn to appreciate, the application of scientific research to real world problems and/or service for the benefit of the community, with consideration of the moral and ethical issues involved.

Upon graduation, Exercise Science majors should be equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and/or professional fields of study, and will have a diverse array of career options.

Our departmental mission is achieved by:

  • Integration with other departments
  • Small to moderate sized classes
  • An emphasis on the importance of communications skills (oral and electronic)
  • A faculty and staff that interacts with the students in and out of the classroom, as well as after graduating
  • Promoting undergraduate research in many sub-disciplines
  • Employing faculty that is active in research and have leadership roles in their professional organizations
  • Offering a variety of opportunities in activity classes and professional internships
News Story

Professor Peter Harmer earns Oregon mentor award

Professor Peter Harmer’s drive to help students excel earned him a statewide award.

News Story

Caroline Fowler (’16) received a Carson Grant

Congratulation to Caroline for her Carson Grant titled “Examining the Role of the Built Environment on Obesity: A Policy Paper”.

News Story

Prof. Peter Harmer has received the 2015 Mentor Award from the Medical Research Foundation

In recognition of his contributions to mentoring in the biomedical sciences, Professor Harmer has received the 2015 Mentor Award from the Medical Research Foundation, administered by the Oregon Health and Science University.