Program Information

The Exercise Science program aims at developing those cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills that equip students to perform competently in the program's science based core and selected electives. The interdisciplinary academic structure of the program arises from the belief that critical thinking, effective writing, clear articulation, and strong analytical skills are crucial elements in the mastery of all subject matter. In this, and in its emphasis on developing the well-rounded person, the Exercise Science program pursues goals and objectives that are congruent with those of the College of Liberal Arts curriculum.

The Exercise Science program at Willamette University is designed to meet the needs of our student population, focusing on the development of the total person as it is expressed in the classical Greek emphasis on the interaction of mind, body, and spirit. The department achieves these ends by offering an Exercise Science major and service classes.

The major provides students with the essential knowledge and training to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities. In the past decade, the majority of graduates from the program have continued on to graduate studies in fields such as allied health and medicine, teaching, research in Exercise Science, and activity related business. Individual internship programs and field experiences are available to expand students' practical knowledge in their particular areas of interest.

The focus of the service activity offerings is the development of leisure and lifetime skills to accommodate the changing lifestyles of our society and increase the potential for personal fulfillment through physical activity.

The department is housed on the 4th floor of the Collins Science Center. Departmental teaching and research facilities include two wired classrooms in Sparks Center, a separate Integrated Exercise Science laboratory in Gatke Hall and a cadaver laboratory in Collins Science Center.

Requirements for the Exercise Science Major (14 Credits)

8 credits in Exercise Science, 6 other credits

Core Courses

Exercise Science Core Total = Five and one-half (5.5). Outside Major Core Total = Three (3).

Required Electives: Two and one-half credits from the following

Required Integrated Courses

Three credits from the following (3)

  • ANTH 344 Medical Anthropology (1)
  • BIOL 125 Ecology, Evolution and Diversity (1)
  • BIOL 130 Cell Biology and Genetics (1)
  • CHEM 115 (NW) Introductory Chemistry I (1)
  • CHEM 116 (NW; QA) Introductory Chemistry II**
  • CS 125 Problem Solving with MATLAB (1)
  • CS 141 (QA*) Introduction to Programming
  • PHYS 221 (NW; QA) Introductory Physics I (1)
  • PHYS 222 (NW; QA) Introductory Physics II (1)
  • PSYC 210 Introduction to Psychology (1)
  • Any 300 level PSYC course (1)**
  • SOC 119 Medical Sociology (1)
  • SOC 132W Sports and Society (1)

* Prerequisite needed
** Prerequisite may be required