Law student spends eight weeks in Europe studying abroad

by Sarah Carlson,

  • Jack Wray JD'19 and his fiancé, Crista Coven, traveled to Europe this summer so Wray could complete a study abroad program in Venice.
    Jack Wray JD'19 and his fiancé, Crista Coven, traveled to Europe this summer so Wray could complete a study abroad program in Venice.

Jack Wray JD’19 traveled across the globe — 5,628 miles to be exact — to study law this summer. Wray participated in a Vanderbilt Law School study abroad opportunity in Venice, Italy, where he took four international law classes in six weeks.

In addition to the six-week program, Wray and his fiancé, Crista Coven, spent the week before and the week after exploring Europe. Wray completed courses on international commercial arbitration, transnational litigation, counter terrorism, and European Union Law.Jack Wray JD'19 traveled to Europe this summer to complete a study abroad program in Venice.

“Learning international law was very beneficial to my education, because I learned about subjects that were literally and figuratively foreign to me,” he said. “I feel like the program gave me different perspective on the legal system of the U.S. and helped me contextualize the classes I take during the school year.”

Monday through Friday, Wray studied and tried local restaurants and cafes with his fellow Vanderbilt students. On the weekends, he and Coven took trips to Milan, Geneva, and Berlin. Before and after the program, they spent time in Ireland, Paris, and Munich.

Wray said he’d definitely encourage other students to seek out study abroad programs.

“It gives you an opportunity to explore the world while also furthering your legal education.”

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