Transcript Requests

A Willamette University transcript is a complete record of a student’s enrollment at the University including all coursework from our undergraduate College of Liberal Arts, Graduate School of Education, the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, and the College of Law; partial transcripts are not available. Official transcripts are signed by the Registrar and bear the official seal of Willamette University.  Transcripts held for pick-up at the Registrar's Office will be available up to one month from the date of the order. 

Willamette University has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet. Please click on the TranscriptsPlus icon below to enter your order.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Enter a period (.) in the space for the State. In the section for the zip code, enter the country code instead.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: If the social security number is optional, leave the field blank. Otherwise, enter the number '9' nine times in the social security field (999999999).

PLEASE NOTE: PDF transcripts are not available for students who attended Willamette University prior to 1980. 

Current students may access their unofficial transcript on WebAdvisor.