Transfer of Stocks & Mutual Funds

Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds often provide more tax advantages than cash gifts because you avoid capital gains tax and you get a market value tax deduction if you have held the securities for more than a year.

 Making such a gift is quite simple if you hold the securities in a brokerage account in “street name”, which is typical.  (If your securities are held in an IRA or other retirement account, you should not do anything before consulting your financial advisors or Willamette’s Office of Gift Planning.) 

To transfer the shares, simply provide the following information to your broker:

Brokerage Firm: Charles Schwab & Co.
Account Name: Willamette University
Account Number: 7111-9632
DTC number: 0164
Willamette Tax ID: 93-0386972

Please contact Cathy Gaskin, Associate Director of Gift Planning, at (503) 370-6492 or, to let Cathy know the name of the corporation and the number of shares that your broker is transferring to Willamette.  We need this information promptly in order to properly credit your gift and ensure your tax deduction.

Please also contact Cathy Gaskin first if any of the following apply:  

  • You hold physical stock certificates; 
  • A plan administrator holds your shares; 
  • You want to contribute shares in a mutual fund; or 
  • You or your financial advisors have any questions.

Thank you for supporting Willamette University!