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When you hear the booming taiko drums underscoring the festivities at campus events, or you breeze past students chatting in Japanese by the Mill Stream, you might start to question whether you’ve been transported from Salem to Japan.

These are just some of the outcroppings of Willamette’s unique 50-year connection with Tokyo International University, a partnership that brings more than 100 Asian students a year to campus and opens rare doors for Willamette students to study and research in Japan.

We provide unparalleled opportunities for cultural and language exchanges — and you don’t always have to travel far to get them (just ask the Atkinson Graduate School of Management about its unusually large international student population).

But jet-setting is also integral to what we do. About half of our undergrads study or conduct research abroad. Our faculty and students find meaningful ways to extend their education worldwide — whether it’s archaeology majors excavating at an ancient site in Scotland, or law students honing their Spanish while studying foreign legal systems in Ecuador.

Tokyo International University of America

Our unique partnership with TIU brings Asian students to campus annually.


Study Abroad

About half of our undergraduates study or conduct research in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion

This office supports numerous events and programs celebrating cultures abroad and here at home.

Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion
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Adventures abroad began with French and Russian studies

Eric Swinn '06, a Willamette alum, leverages his French degree as a U.S. diplomat, tackling fraud rings in Russia, child abductions, and refugee crises.

Eric Swinn ’06 talks to a fisherman in India
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A finely-tuned success

Chloe Prendergast ’14 founded her own string quartet and became an orchestra member in the Netherlands after she graduated.

Chloe Prendergast ’14
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Undergraduate blog charts path for future career

Jaered Koichi Croes '08 launched his career with Tofugu, a Japanese culture blog born from a Willamette University project. Discover his journey today!

Jaered Koichi Croes ’08

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