Why Alumni Volunteer

The WUAA exists for—and is comprised of—ALL Willamette alumni. Through our mutual efforts we support our alma mater and each other. These efforts not only benefit us all throughout our lives, but also benefit future generations of Bearcats.

There are lots of reasons why alumni volunteer and give back. Here are just a few:

I volunteer for Willamette because the university did a lot for me and I want current and future Bearcats to have all the opportunities that I did and more.
 Tobias Read '97

I want to help students understand how art can be a career option.
 Gwenn Seemel '03

Willamette was a great place for me. It's where significant change took place—political views, spiritual views, economic views. From Willamette I embraced non-profit employment and I love it. 
Rick Gaupo '90

I love being able to give back to Willamette. It is especially fun to connect with current students and to share in the excitement for their future. 
Cathy Welch Tronquet '70

There's a special connection between Bearcats, something I have discovered time and again volunteering my time to Willamette. No matter the graduation year, I enjoy meeting my fellow alumni--including those that have yet to graduate. It is through the people of Willamette that I most deeply feel the connection to the University, so I'll continue looking for ways to be involved. 
Adam DuVander '01

Willamette formed me professionally and I am eager to serve and help others along that path. 
David Parry MBA'05

I got so much out of my four years at Willamette and I am glad to come back and give back. 
Shannon Vincent '02

Life experiences and duty to others is a responsibility. I like to pay it forward. 
Ralph Amador '94

Volunteering at Willamette allows me to be an integral part of the family that is Willamette. 
Linda Walker Kelly '69

There are many ways to volunteer! We hope you will join us in supporting Willamette University.

Volunteer Profiles

More in-depth accounts from alumni in their own words:

Linda Kelly '69
Lopaka Purdy '05
Susan Tanabe '79 MAT'90
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