Lopaka Purdy '05

Why he is involved in the WUAA in his own words.

What do you love about Willamette?

Thinking on how my time at Willamette has truly resonated through my life, I arrive at the word — love. I'm thankful that my time at Willamette has infused my life with love. The close friendships I made while at Willamette continue to be a source of love and support. Some of the intellectual and passion pursuits that began at Willamette continue to drive my love for life. The maturity, confidence, voice and perspective that I developed while at Willamette allowed me to set a course in life that has led to an abundance of love. Willamette is a place that gifted me people, knowledge, and values that continue to make life sweet.

Why do you volunteer for the Alumni Association?

I enjoy meeting others in DC who've had the Willamette experience — it's always a energetic point of connection. I generally like to meet new people, and learn new things. DC is great place for that. It's a way of continuing my connection with Willamette and I hope to be of help to other local alumni if the opportunity arises.

Why is volunteer support so vital to the Willamette experience?

While at Willamette, I didn't fully realize or participate in the call to action that is our university motto: Not unto ourselves alone are we born. Volunteer support is vital because it sets the example — that being a member of the Willamette family comes with an obligation to serve others. That may be strongly stated, but I can't think of a more important value to be cultivated in college and acted upon across a lifetime. I'm trying.

Volunteers make the WUAA!


Not unto ourselves alone are we born. The WUAA seeks to support alumni in our lifelong pursuits, and students as they embark on their Willamette journey.

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