LARC 2.0 sponsors a series of curricular innovations. Each of the program elements is designed to contribute to Willamette’s goal of increasing the number, breadth, and depth of research-rich academic experiences that arts, humanities, and human science students encounter as undergraduates and as lifelong learners in a rigorous liberal arts environment. Faculty may apply for curriculum innovation grants independently, as members of interdisciplinary teams, or as departments; in addition, faculty members of summer research communities may make curriculum innovation the outcome of their summer research.

LARC curriculum innovation grants are about more consciously building students' research skills and scaffolding research assignments throughout the curriculum so that they are better prepared for capstone/thesis/independent research projects. Course modules, course redesigns, and larger-scale program revisions should, among other things, help inform students what research is (at the introductory level); provide carefully structured models for research; teach them how to ask good research questions; inform them how to find and put to good use research resources; in short, model scholarly inquiry and production at its best.

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