How to Apply to the Student Summer Creative Grants

2017 Grant Applications Due March 12 by 11:59 pm

How to apply to the Student Summer Creative Grants

 1.     Develop project idea(s): individually or collaboratively (with fellow students) develop an idea for a creative project pursuing an arts or humanities research question you want to undertake. A research questions is the motivating theoretical, social or creative topic you want to explore. These projects should be more ambitious than anything you could do in a regular semester. See How the Grant Works for types of proposals that can be funded.

 2.     Find a faculty mentor – discuss your ideas for an individual or collaborative summer project with potential faculty mentor(s). See grant description for guidelines about choosing mentors. Provide potential faculty mentor(s) with the useful information sheet.

 3.     Look at the online application form so you know the final format in which you will submit your application.

 4.     Prepare the following

Project Narrative (approx. 500 words)

The project narrative should address the following: Your proposed project’s line of inquiry, what you want to focus on and why. How you will grow as a result of time to develop this work. The nature of the anticipated outcome (photographs, music, animation, performance, stories etc.)

Description of Preparation

Briefly explain your preparation to undertake this project: e.g., relevant coursework, previous research experience, subject area skills, technical skills or plans to gain them during the project. Also describe your access to the facilities necessary to execute your proposed project, have you consulted with faculty/staff to gain permission to use the campus space for the project if it is funded?


Your budget should list all uses of the $4500 (per student) funds. For example: supplies, equipment, rent, food, etc.


Your timeline should be a week-by-week calendar of your project from beginning to end for the eight weeks of the project.

5.     Seek feedback from your mentor and revise your narrative, budget and timeline.

6.     Seek Faculty Recommendation(s). Each student needs a recommendation from their faculty mentor. For collaborative groups, one or more recommendation can be from the project mentor; others can be from other faculty. Give faculty members the recommendation form in print as well as a link to the form. Also be sure to give them the useful information sheet.

7.     Create a PDF of your Degree Audit. You will be prompted to upload it/them to the online application.

8.     Create image or movie files of portfolio examples  - 3-5 examples of past work. Internships or projects that include gaining productions skills as part of the project are not expected to have portfolio materials. You can either upload these to the online application or include a link at the bottom of your application narrative to a website where they can been seen/heard. Please note that the online application will only accept certain types of flies.

9.     Submit your grant proposal. Submit the Student Application Form for Summer Creative Grant. Group proposals: submit a single application; each student needs a faculty recommendation.

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