Example 1

Project Title: Woman Writers and the Fantastic: Subversion and Liberty

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

This project explains how fantastic literature can serve as an instrument to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world; how in a fantastic world, a woman may construct her own identity outside of the rigid roles imposed upon her in a patriarchal society. It discusses how through fantastic literature, women writers expose the limits of male-dominated society and construct a new world in which women may be free from these restrictions. Two examples of women's fantastic literature used for this discussion will be The Youngest Doll and When Women Love Men by Rosario Ferre. In her stories, Ferre and other women writers create a world in which they are free to express their discontent in a world in which they are trapped.

Example 2

Project Title: Inhibition of MAP Kinase Kinase by U0126 Blocks 2, 4-D-induced MAP Kinase Phosphorylation but not Coming in Xenopus oocytes

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

This project shows how the activation of the MAPK pathway leads to maturation in Xenopus oocytes, and how that pathway is initiated by progesterone, which activates a signal transduction pathway that leads to the phosphorylation of MAPK through MAPKK and the activation of MRF which induces GVBD. It will explain how 2, 4-D, a herbicide that has been shown to block progesterone-induced maturation and GVBD, induces MAPK phosphorylation and causes an abnormal coning morphotype. U0126, a specific inhibitor of MAPKK, was used to determine the mechanism by which 2, 4-D induces MAPK phosphorylation and coning. The results of this experiment will be revealed and discussed.

Note: When a project is scientific based, it is best to write the abstract in such a way the nonscientific type of person can understand what is being conveyed. This example is too technical for most people to understand.

Example 3

Project Title: Communal Chimney Roosting of Migrating Vaux's Swifts (Chaetura Vauxi) near Salem, Oregon

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

Vaux's swifts are neotropical migrants that breed in western North America. Their natural roosts are in large, hollow trees, especially in old-growth forests. Due to the depletion of old-growth forest habitats, these birds have adapted to roosting and nesting in human-made structures, particularly in chimneys. The purpose of this study was to locate and monitor major chimney roosting sites of migrating Vaux's swifts in or near Salem, Oregon. The number of swifts peaked in mid-September, declined rapidly for a few days, and then tapered off at a slower rate. This and other results of the study will be discussed.

Example 4

Project Title: Unequal Exposure: A GIS Analysis of Race, Poverty, and Environmental Hazards in Oregon's Capital

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

The purpose of this project is to measure environmental equity in Salem, Oregon, with an aim to contribute to a growing body of literature concerned with the unequal distribution of environmental hazards. The project analyzes important previous studies and then conducts an investigation that centers around a series of GIs maps that revel correlations between environmental hazards and demographics, such as race and income level. The results will be revealed and discussed.

Example 5

Project Title: Vision Training: Effects on Motor Skills and Visual Ability in Experience Racquetball Players

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

This study investigates the effects of vision training on visual ability and motor skills in racquetball players. Fourteen participants were randomly assigned to either a treatment using visual training and traditional racquetball practice, or a control group with practice only. Stereopsis (depth-perception), oculomotor skill (hand-eye coordination), and a sport-specific motor performance (a wall-volley test) were measured before and after four weeks of training. The results of these studies will be revealed, and the conclusion that vision training leads to no significant improvements in visual ability or in the transfer to motor performance for racquetball players will be discussed.

Example 6

Project Title: Katie Pierce

Project Abstract (Limit to 100 words max. May be edited for length, grammar, etc.)

This project explores how paternalistic decision making by coaches often conflicts with the athlete's right to autonomy; that is, freedom in self-regarding actions. The complexity of the conflict will be addressed using exemplars including the special case of children, drug use in sports, and returning to play after an injury. A compromise in the form of a morally-decent trusting relationship between coach and athlete, based on the model of informed consent and grounded in open and effective communication, will be explained.

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