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Religious Studies

Programs Offered: Major, Minor

In courses in Religious Studies students explore the broad range of religious phenomena across time and cultures.  They learn how to think critically about their own religious traditions and to investigate the traditions of others with curiosity and respect.  More than this, they learn to recognize the pervasive and often hidden influence of religion in human history, in current events, and in cultural expressions of every kind, from art to advertising to politics.  Courses in Religious Studies enable students to become culturally literate and more fully prepared to understand a world where most people are highly motivated by their religious convictions.  And by considering how human beings have given meaning to their lives in so many different ways, students develop their own sense of what it means to look for meaning in their own lives.

Stephen Patterson, George H. Atkinson Professor of Religious and Ethical Studies

Religion professor wins Grawemeyer Award in Religion

Stephen Patterson, George H. Atkinson professor of religious and ethical studies, recently received a $100,000 prize and the 2020 Grawemeyer Award — an honor recognizing the most outstanding idea in religion, music composition, world order, psychology and education.

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