Past Exhibition

On Demand

May 21 – August 4, 2013

Maribeth Collins Lobby

The Hallie Ford Museum of Art invited their Facebook friends to curate an experimental exhibition entitled “On Demand.” Thirty works from the museum’s Northwest Collection were selected by the museum’s curators and were displayed on the museum’s Facebook page where voting will occured between April 29 and May 5. This exhibition is unique in that the process for choosing art for exhibitions is normally reserved to the museum and exhibition curators.

The exhibition has been organized by museum Collection Curator Jonathan Bucci who says, "The museum is always looking for new ways to engage with our supporters. This exhibition will allow our friends to select artworks that have not been seen in many years, or in some instances, ever seen at the museum."

Artworks on display include; John Rock (American, 1919-1993), First Class Carriage on the Midlands; Margaret Prentice (American, b. 1944), Water Walking; William Morris (American, b. 1957), The Crow Vessel; Miles Cleveland Goodwin (American, b. 1980), Christmas Day; George Johanson (American, b. 1928), Flower Fire; Frank Boyden (American, b. 1942), Dance II; Arthur Runquist (American, 1891-1971), Hollyhocks; and Carl A. Hall (American, 1921-1996), Interlude, Okinawa. “On Demand” opens May 20 and continues through August 4.

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