In conjunction with our current exhibition A Contemporary Bestiary, which celebrates our relationship with a myriad of animals, the Hallie Ford Museum of Art is pleased to present a food drive to help benefit our furry friends at the Willamette Humane Society.

Bring a can of dog or cat food to our front desk and receive a free museum admission between now and Dec. 21.

The Willamette Humane Society (WHS) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving our local area and its animals since 1965. More than 95% of their financial support is provided by individuals and a large number of volunteers. With this generosity, WHS assisted approximately one in five households in the Salem and Keizer area last year through their sheltering, adoption, end of life services, spay/neuter services, canine training, humane education, and animal care support programs.


More about the Willamette Humane Society

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