A Life in Pictures: Myra Albert Wiggins

Presented by Carole Glauber
Feb. 15, 2015 at 2 p.m.
Roger Hull Lecture Hall, Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Free and open to the public

In her talk, Carole Glauber, the author of "Myra Wiggins: The Witch of Kodakery," will explore Wiggins's fascinating life and remarkable accomplishments from her early days in Salem to her international photographic celebrity to her triumph as a painter.

Photographer and painter, Myra Albert Wiggins remembered her Salem childhood as the wild, free tomboy life of a Western Oregon small town girl. She claimed "no boy or man in my hometown could beat me at running." Throughout her long life, Wiggins's talent, energy, ambition and independence shaped her artistic prominence as it emerged across America and Europe. When she approached her 84th birthday, a nephew suggested "Myra has done everything in her life but jump off the Eiffel Tower and she could probably do that safely if she wanted to."

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