The Hallie Ford Museum of Art offers a variety of ways for Willamette University students to participate at the museum.


The museum also offers several internship opportunities to students who are interested in learning more about the museum field.

The Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology also offers a summer internship in museology.

Student Research Projects

Many faculty-guided student research projects have been conducted using the museum's collection. Some of those projects have resulted in online exhibitions, with technical support provided by systems librarians at Hatfield Library.

Student Research Projects

The Museum Club 

The Museum Club is currently paused as we await a new student leader.

Are you ready to be inspired? If you are a student on campus interested in art, art history, culture, and/or museum studies and would like to learn more about reviving the club, please contact Jonathan Bucci, the John Olbrantz Curator of Collections and Exhibitions.

Potential museum activities in the past have included special activities, events, tours of new exhibitions, creating art, imagining/reading discussions, and film screenings at the museum. Additional activities could consist of field trips to PNCA and other regional museums.

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The Museum Club on their way to the Portland Art Museum

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