Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Robert Chenault (Assistant Professor of Classics and History)

~ The Fall of Rome in 410 CE

A summer research and writing project undertaken in the libraries of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University with the goal of producing a new chapter for an in-progress book manuscript entitled, Rome Without Emperors: The Revival of a Senatorial City in the Fourth Century CE.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Ricardo De Mambro Santos (Assistant Professor of Art History)

~ Renaissance Revival: A Historical Study of Count Alessandro Maggiori's Collection of Prints and Drawings from the 16th to the 18th Century

A collaborative research, writing, and curatorial project focusing on the collection of prints and drawings gathered by Count Maggiori (1764-1834), with the intention of investigating the process of redefinition of the concept of “Renaissance” as a critical category during the 18th century and, its formal, conceptual, and ideological connections with the study and emulation of ancient Roman works.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. Ortwin Knorr (Associate Professor of Classics)

~ Lyra’s Odyssey: The Homeric Subtext of Philip Pullman’s Fantasy Trilogy “His Dark Materials”

A research and writing project with the goal of producing a scholarly article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal on the reception of Homer’s Odyssey in Philip Pullman’s trilogy.

Faculty Fellowship Research Grant

Dr. James Thompson (Professor of Art)

~ A Contemporary Pict

A preliminary field research trip to Scotland in order to study the mark-making of the ancient Picts and how it relates to and influences the artist’s work as a contemporary printmaker and descendant of the Scottish Celts. Intended as preparation for the production of a new series of intaglio prints inspired by the Neolithic landscape of northern Scotland and the incised marks found upon the stones there and in the designated World Heritage Site of Orkney.

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