Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) provides oversight and sets priorities for the use of information technologies and services that support the teaching and learning mission of the University.

The committee gathers information about how technology and technology services are being used to support teaching and learning, how they could be used to enhance teaching and learning, evaluates the information and makes recommendations to the Technology Council.


The members of the committee are senior members of the dean’s offices of each school, faculty from each school, the University Librarian or designee, a senior member of the University Registrar’s office, and other staff as required to ensure representation across the entire institution and are appointed by a dean or vice president for three-year terms (which may repeat). The committee has no less than 10 invited members and six members are needed for a quorum. The chair of the committee is appointed to a three-year term by the Technology Council, in consultation with the appropriate dean, and shall rotate among the schools of the University. The Chief Information Officer serves as a permanent co-chair. The chair may appoint ad hoc committees as appropriate. The Academic Technology Advisory Committee meets monthly during the academic year or as determined by the committee.

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee draws its membership and receives input from the following groups

  • Dean’s Offices of all schools
  • Faculty of all schools
  • Students from all schools
  • University Libraries
  • University Registrar
  • User Services department of Integrated Technology Services


The ATAC Committee welcomes proposals for projects that utilize technology in the teaching and learning process, student support and success, and research. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the committee.

Willamette University

Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC)

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