Serve a wide variety of functions at Willamette University and vary in terms of their mission, membership, and representative term length.

Campus Planning Committees

The mission is to prioritize projects by weighing University need against limited resources, review projects for unintended outcomes or impact on other programs and ensure projects are in the best interest of Willamette University.

Safety Committee

The purpose of the Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee is to bring all Willamette University faculty, staff and students together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote a safe and healthful workplace.

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Technology Council

The Technology Council is responsible for all major decision-making regarding information technologies for the University.

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Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) provides oversight and sets priorities for the use of information technologies and services that support the teaching and learning mission of the University.

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Enterprise Systems Advisory Committee

The Enterprise Systems Advisory Committee (ESAC) provides oversight and sets priorities for improvement, new development, and integration of the University’s enterprise systems. The Committee makes recommendations to the Technology Council.

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