The Enterprise Systems Advisory Committee will assist the Chief Information Officer:

  1. Provide direction for the enterprise systems that support the University’s goals and objectives;
  2. Provide recommendations to the Technology Council for priorities and sequencing for information technology projects, enhancements, and new initiatives to ensure alignment with the University’s business goals and needs;
  3. Champion a common data model and other common infrastructure where needed, as well as best practices in the use of central, distributed, and hosted enterprise systems;
  4. Review and approve standards for enterprise data;
  5. Establish procedures for effective and efficient use of enterprise systems, and consider the impact of administrative systems changes on people, process, technology, standards and policies;
  6. Monitor progress of administrative system initiatives and provide guidance for ongoing administrative systems operations, support efforts, and enhancements, ensuring that resources are not being over-allocated;
  7. Encourage and facilitate the integration of systems and access to data across functional boundaries and guide the development of common data models;
  8. Resolve issues which span departmental or divisional boundaries;
  9. Support effective information technology security measures, policies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of resources;
  10. Provide direction to prevent, where appropriate, unnecessary redundancy or non-sustainable service implementations;
  11. Develop proposals to enhance or expand enterprise services, implementing them when possible with available resources, and review proposals for new enterprise technologies coming from outside the Committee;
  12. Develop policies to ensure the effective and efficient use of enterprise systems and compliance with appropriate laws and regulations, forwarding them to the Technology Council for consideration; and
  13. Ensure that procedural documentation is available and up-to-date and that staff are appropriately trained.
Willamette University

Enterprise Systems Advisory Committee (ESAC)

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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