Amended by the ICL Board of Directors: October 2, 2023


ICL does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. However, there are some requirements for membership, as set out below. Please read these, and if you then wish to proceed with an application for membership, you will find a link to the Membership Application form at the bottom of this page.

Qualifications for Membership and Expectations of Members

  1. ICL membership is available to retired and semi-retired individuals over 50 who have an interest in life-long learning and who have the time and desire to attend classes.
  2. We ask members to set a goal of attending most classroom sessions.  ICL members are also expected to participate in ICL by contributing to the academic programs of ICL or by volunteering for one or more of the many jobs that must be done if this volunteer organization is to flourish.
  3. ICL members are expected to provide support to Willamette University, its faculty and students, in achieving the mission and goals of the University.

Limit on Membership Numbers

ICL membership is limited to 160, the maximum number dictated by the available meeting space.

Internet Access 

Applicants for membership must have access to the Internet and e-mail, as this allows the most efficient communication with ICL members. 

Application Process 

Applicants for membership should apply online using the link to the “Membership Application Form” at the bottom of this page. The application form seeks information on applicants’ educational backgrounds and special skills, including skills they are willing to contribute to ICL by means of presentations or administration. 

Waiting List

On receipt of each completed application form, the Membership Director will assign the applicant to the waiting list of prospective members in the order of receipt of the application, with limited exceptions as noted below under "Admission of New Members." 

Attendance as Guest 

After being assigned to the waiting list, each applicant is encouraged to attend a limited number of classes per year. (Guest Policy

Semi-Annual Contact 

The Membership Director(s) will contact all applicants on the waiting list semi-annually to ascertain their continued interest in the program and to renew the invitation to attend as a guest, in conformity with ICL’s guest policy. 

Notification of Change 

Applicants on the waiting list should inform the Membership Director(s) promptly of any change in their e-mail address or change in their desire to become a member. 

Admission of New Members 

New members are admitted to ICL twice a year, at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Invitation for active membership will be offered to applicants from the waiting list in the order in which the application was received. 

The number of applicants admitted will depend on the number of open positions, so as to bring membership up to a maximum total of 160. Each applicant being admitted to ICL will be introduced and welcomed at the opening session of either the Fall or Spring semester by the Membership Director(s).


  1. Willamette University faculty and staff will be offered active membership when they express an interest in joining by submitting an application form. They will not be subject to the waiting list progression.
  2. ICL members who have taken Leave will be qualified to return before anyone on the waiting list (see “Leave of Absence” below).
  3. Under certain circumstances, the ICL Board may offer membership to qualified Waiting List applicants to meet the needs of the organization (see "Emergency Membership" below). 

Pre-Admission Process 

The Membership Director(s) will notify, as far as possible in advance, applicants to whom membership will be offered in the next semester. Those applicants who indicate unwillingness or inability to join ICL at the projected time will be removed from the list. They will have the option of re-applying when they are once more available, but on re-application, they will need to go to the bottom of the waiting list. 

Membership Orientation 

During the membership orientation, the applicant will be informed of the expectations of an ICL member (see "Qualifications for Membership and Expectations of Members" above and "Reminder of Requirements" below). They will also be informed of the ICL governing documents, of the expectations of an ICL member as part of the University Community, and will be given additional helpful information such as parking, lunch, getting around, etc.

Reminder of Requirements 

At the time of each applicant’s acceptance of the invitation to join ICL, the Membership Director(s) will remind the applicant of the need to: 

  1. Set a goal of attending most classes;
  2. Contribute to ICL periodically by presenting a program, suggesting a speaker or topic, serving on a committee or the Board or otherwise providing assistance to the organization;
  3. Provide support to the University, its faculty, and its students, in achieving the mission and goals of the University.

Membership Dues 

Membership dues for applicants joining at the beginning of the Fall semester (currently $165 per annum) must be paid at the time of their orientation session. Membership dues for continuing members must be paid prior to, or on, the day of the spring luncheon (last day of the Spring semester). Dues for applicants joining at the beginning of the Spring semester (January) will be 50% of the annual dues, and must be paid at the time of their orientation session. Members who have not paid their membership dues by the appropriate deadline will be contacted once by e-mail to determine continued membership interest. If payment is not received promptly thereafter, the person's membership slot will be considered vacant. 

Excused Absence 

Current members should notify the Membership Director(s) if they will be absent from the academic program for more than six consecutive weeks. After that period of time, the Membership Director(s) may review membership status and may grant an excused absence.

Refunds Policy 

Members given an excused absence or resigning on or after the first day of classes will not receive a refund of tuition paid. Members who resign or who are put on the leave list prior to the start of classes in the fall semester and who submit a written request to Membership Services for a tuition refund are entitled to a refund of their tuition paid for the upcoming year. Membership Services Director(s) will contact the Finance Director to initiate the refund.

Emergency Membership

The ICL Board is responsible for ensuring ICL is a viable academic organization. If, after a survey of our membership, no member volunteers for a critical ICL need, the Board will declare an emergency and seek to fill the need from qualified waiting list applicants. 

Emeritus Membership 

The ICL Board may confer Emeritus status on a member under the following conditions: 

  1. Emeritus status is given to any member who turns 90 and has been a member for at least 10 years.
  2. Emeritus members have all rights, privileges and responsibilities of active members, except that they are not required to pay membership dues. 

Leave of Absence

Membership Services Director(s) may grant a leave of absence to a member who requests time away from ICL due to illness or the needs of family that preclude the member from regular attendance. The member requesting the leave of absence shall send a written request to Membership Services Director(s) via email. 

Members granted a leave of absence for an upcoming year will not be required to pay tuition, but if leave is granted during a semester, tuition will not be refunded. Members on the Leave of Absence list may attend class when possible. They may return to full Membership status when ICL takes in new members at the beginning of each semester.  

It is incumbent upon the member on leave to communicate with the ICL Membership Director(s) regarding any change in the situation requiring leave as well as any changes in contact information. There is no time limit placed upon leave of absence as long as the member on leave maintains close communication with the Membership Service Director(s).

ICL Membership Director(s) shall safeguard any personal information confided by any member requesting leave with absolute confidentiality. This information shall not be shared with anyone unless specifically allowed by the member requesting leave. 


If the Board of Directors determines that a member is not participating in ICL at a
reasonable level (see “Qualifications for Membership and Expectations of
Members,” above) the board may ask the Executive Director to notify the
member in writing that continued lack of participation may result in the board
voting to terminate the person’s membership. If non-participation continues or
resumes after one warning, the board may terminate the person’s membership.
The board shall make decisions about whether to issue a warning or terminate
membership on a case-by-case basis, considering the member’s past
participation and any other factors the board deems relevant.

Conduct Unbecoming

A member judged by the Board to be acting in a manner not in keeping with the membership requirements, policies and procedures of ICL will be given one written warning by the Executive Director. Continued behavior in violation of ICL’s mission despite the warning will constitute grounds for termination of membership by the Board. In such a case, the Executive Director will send a written notice of termination to the member. 

Etiquette for Question Time During ICL Classes 

Although ICL members have periodically received instruction on question time etiquette, the influx of new members and recent departures from accepted policy by certain questioners have prompted the ICL Board to determine that all ICL members, new and old, need a clear statement of current ICL policy with respect to question time during ICL classes. The following are principles that must be adhered to in order to allow all class members a fair chance to ask questions and to enable all of the audience to hear the questioner. These procedures are not new and have been drawn to the attention of the membership on several occasions. The Board considers these procedures to be requirements rather than guidelines. 

  1. ICL encourages lively discussion in a manner that allows all members a fair opportunity to ask a question and no member to dominate the discussion.
  2. Questions or comments should be deferred to the end of each speaker's presentation, unless announced otherwise.
  3. Questioners need to raise a hand and be recognized by the moderator.
  4. Questioners must not proceed with their question or comment until they receive the pass-around microphone from the roving moderator or assistant.
  5. Questioners must not enter into a one-on-one dialogue with the speaker, or with any other audience member. 
  6. Questioners may not include the second part of a two-part question, nor pose a second question, until other audience members have had a turn at asking questions, and until invited by the moderator. 
  7. Questioners/commenters should not make partisan political statements.
  8. Guests or prospective members may not pose questions or make comments.
  9. Deviation from any of these procedures requires the specific consent of the moderator. 

New Member Follow-up Session

Approximately six weeks after classes begin each semester, new members will be invited to attend a "Question & Answer" session with the Membership Director(s) to answer questions and clarify observations/communications made during the early weeks of their membership. 

Membership Application 

If, after reading the above, you would like to apply for membership, please fill out the 


In view of the fact that there is a waiting list, please do not apply for membership if you do not intend to come to most of the classroom sessions, as you would be taking up a place of another prospective member who would attend regularly.



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