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Department Open House Schedule

The College of Arts & Sciences academic departments will host in-person gatherings for graduates and their guests.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Open House will take place immediately following the senior music recital.

  • Music: Hudson Hall Foyer

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Open House events will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • Anthropology: Eaton, 4th floor
  • Archaeology: Ford Hall, 3rd floor hearth
  • Art: Hallie Ford Museum, Lobby
  • Art History: Ford Hall, 3rd floor hearth
  • Biology: Olin, 1st floor (Foyer)
  • Chemistry: Olin, 3rd floor (Hearth)
  • Chinese: Smullin, 1st floor
  • Civic Communication and Media: Ford Hall, 3rd floor hearth
  • Classical Studies: Eaton, 1st floor
  • Computer Science: Ford Hall, 2nd floor hearth
  • Economics: Smullin, 3rd floor
  • English: Eaton, 2nd floor
  • Environmental Science: Collins, 2nd floor hearth (near Collins 216)
  • Exercise and Health Science: Collins, 4th floor hearth
  • Film Studies: Eaton, 2nd floor
  • French: Smullin, 1st floor
  • German: Smullin, 1st floor
  • History: Eaton, 1st floor
  • International Studies: Eaton, 1st floor
  • Japanese: Smullin, 1st floor
  • Latin American Studies: Eaton, 4th floor
  • Math, and Data Science: Ford Hall, 2nd floor hearth
  • Philosophy: Eaton, 1st floor
  • Physics: Collins, 3rd floor hearth
  • PPLE: Smullin, 3rd floor
  • Psychology: North Lawn near Smullin Hall
  • Public Health: Eaton, 3rd Floor
  • Religious Studies: Eaton, 1st floor
  • Russian: Ford Hall, 3rd floor hearth
  • Sociology: North Lawn near Smullin Hall
  • Spanish: Smullin, 1st floor
  • Theatre: Playhouse, lobby
  • Willamette Academy: Willamette Academy, FAW 231
  • Women’s Gender Studies: Eaton, 2nd floor
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