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2023 Featured Graduates

College of Arts & Sciences Data & Computer Science Law MBA PNCA

Pacific Northwest College of Art Graduates


“Because of PNCA, I look at systemic change through the eye of a designer. Where in the interconnected web of systems that govern our lives — political, economic, social — is there cause for intervention, and how might we design solutions with those who are affected most?”

MFA collaborative design/design systems

Brendy Hale


  • Workshop designer and leader at Dinacon Digital Naturalism Conference 2022, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Project: “Thaalam Riddim Reapers”
  • Drummer, singer, guitarist and show promoter for 2nd Base (Portland band)
  • Treasurer for the PNCA Graduate Council 2021-22

What’s next: I'm eager to put my degree to the test wherever design is needed, either in creative design/marketing or in continued music advocacy work following my thesis.

Miguel Rodriguez

“Because of PNCA, I feel more confident and prepared as a creative and designer to tackle the world's wicked problems with my communities.”

MFA in Collaborative Design

Miguel Rodriguez


What’s next: For the past three years, I've been a talent development and inclusion strategist at OMSI. Post graduation, I hope to embed more of my creative and design practices into my current role, with an emphasis on design justice and participatory frameworks. Additionally, I hope to provide more free, community-based, and design-focused workshops through my org, Portland Through a Latinx Lens.

PNCA Hallie Ford Graduate Studies

Joyce Campbell

“Because of PNCA, I found a supportive community that gave me the feedback and guidance I needed in order to develop confidence in both my creative skills and the ability to talk about the deeper conceptual nature of my work. This confidence, combined with the entrepreneurial aspects of the program, allows me to leave school with a clear idea of how to move forward in order to find a fulfilling career in the arts.”

MFA Applied Craft and Design

Joyce Campbell


  • Founding president of Sloth Skillz Collective, a club that facilitates graduate student-led events designed to promote community engagement and provide opportunities for students to teach and learn creative skills
  • Undergraduate Activated Objects Sculpture teaching assistant
  • Undergraduate Professional Practice teaching assistant
  • Metal furniture shop tech and teaching assistant at Portland Community College

What’s next: Small business owner at BBOBBO Studio and continuing education instructor at Portland Community College.

Willamette University


Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.