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Experiential Learning Awards

CLEA Awards

The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) is an advocate for clinical legal education for lawyers. Each year they request nominations from law schools all over the country for students who have through their externship demonstrated outstanding and self-reflective work through their experiential learning experience. CLEA provides an opportunity to honor law students through their different awards including Outstanding Clinic Student, Outstanding Clinic Team Award and Outstanding Externship Student.

Spring 2021

Outstanding Externship Student Award
Nathan Claus 3L

Clinical Awards

Clinical awards recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in their clinical experiential learning experience. The awards are adjusted to the individual strengths and details of individual cases each semester.

  • 2020-2021

    Best Trauma-Informed Interviewer & Best Leadership and Mentoring Award
    Danielle Ashcraft 3L

    Outstanding Public Speaking
    David Bales 3L

    Drafting Award
    Seonaid Barngrover 3L

    Best Will Signing, Drafting Award & Attention to Detail
    Laura Brown 3L

    Highest Professionalism Award
    Christopher Carpenter 3L

    Best Partner Award and Highest Productivity Award
    Tim Comstock 2L

    Best Business Law Clinic Student
    Nick Culp 2L

    Work-Life Balance Award
    Brian Delgado 2L

    Most Versatile Award
    Michael Della Paolera 3L

    Best People Skills
    Ashley Fraley 3L

    Best Advanced Business Law Clinic Award
    William Grasty 3L

    Best Client Interview and Research Award
    Chapell Hailey 3L

    Best Client Communicator and Best Law Practice Management Award
    Tina Isbell 3L

    Best Advanced Business Law Award
    Dylan Knapp 3L

    Attention to Detail and Professionalism
    Kiely Lyons 3L

    Best Client Problem Solver
    Chase Morris 2L

    Determination Award
    Hannah Rule 3L

    Best Client Interview
    Mackenzie Schmitt 3L

    Professionalism, Drafting Award and Work Ethic / Dedication
    Jennifer Smith 3L

    Professional Development and Professionalism
    John Vehrs 3L

    Drafting Award, Work Ethic, Research Award and Professionalism
    Amber Yonamine 3L

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