JD For Life

JD for Life is a continuing learning initiative aimed at creating opportunities for graduates to participate in law school courses in order to expand their knowledge. The program permits individuals to enroll in courses through two different options a graded academic credit option and a no credit auditing option (with or without CLE credit). Both options enable individuals with a JD to benefit from the expertise of the Willamette Law faculty while exploring new areas of law, learning about recent changes in the legal profession, bolstering a resume for a career change, or satisfying the Supervised Practice Portfolio Examination (SPPE) curricular requirements. 

All course enrollment is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. Specific details around the two JD for Life options and forms to inquire about enrollment opportunities are listed below. 

JD For Life - Auditing Courses (With or Without CLE Credit)

In recognition that legal education does not stop at graduation, the JD for Life program encourages alumni to be lifelong learners by auditing in-person courses, with or without the support of CLE credit. This portion of the JD for Life program is open only to Willamette Law alumni. Alumni can participate in select in-person courses, subject to availability, offered at the College of law in an effort to expand their legal knowledge. Courses are $100.00 each. Individuals interested in auditing a course can fill out this inquiry form. For further questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at law-osa@willamette.edu

JD For Life - Academic Credit Courses

The Oregon Supreme Court recently approved Oregon's first-ever new pathway to attorney licensure, the Supervised Practice Portfolio Examination. As part of this licensure pathway, graduates must complete a curriculum requirement in order to be eligible for participation in the SPPE. Individuals must have satisfactorily completed courses in the subject matter areas generally known as: 

  1. Business Associations 
  2. Civil Procedure 
  3. Constitutional Law 
  4. Contract Law 
  5. Criminal Law or Investigatory Criminal Procedure 
  6. Evidence
  7. Torts
  8. Real Property

Individuals who have not completed these curricular requirements are able to enroll in courses for graded academic credit through the JD for Life program. Course enrollment is subject to availability. The cost associated with each course may vary and is available upon request. This JD for Life option is available to all graduates with a JD from an ABA accredited law school. Individuals interested in taking a course for graded academic credit can fill out this inquiry form. For further questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at law-osa@willamette.edu.

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