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Subject Professor

Admin Law



Birke 2008

Bus Org

Friedman 2010

Friedman 2009



Unknown 2

Tamayo 2009

Tornquist 2009

Wise 2007

Wise 2009

Con Law I

Carrasco 2008

Green 2007

Williams 2009

Contracts I

Friedman 2010


KCP 2006

KCP 2006 2

KCP 2007

KCP 2009

KCP 2009 2

Contracts II

Friedman 2010

Runkel 2009

Criminal Law


Unknown 2

Crier 2009

Davidson 2009

Criminal Procedure

Appleman 2009

Employment Law

KCP 2010

KCP 2009



Standen 2008

Standen 2009

Land Use Planning





Vollmar 2009


Standen 2010

Secured Transactions

Unknown 2009

State & Local Gov.




Graham 2005

Graham 2006

Graham 2009

Graham 2009 2

Graham 2010


Trusts & Estates


Water Law

Marbut 2009

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