Street Law is a global program that creates educational programs to teach students and communities about law, democracy, human rights, public policy, crime prevention, conflict resolution, and youth advocacy. Willamette Street Law works specifically with the Early College High School in Salem, as well as Willamette Academy. Street Law blends legal content with innovative hands-on teaching strategies to actively engage students in the learning process. Street Law strives to empower youth to use the knowledge they gain to solve problems, better their communities, and become active participants in society.

Past Programs

Youth & the Law, Early College High School, December-March

Mentor Program, Willamette Academy, September-April

Discover Law & Justice, Willamette University College of Law - Spring Break

Additional Resources

Willamette Street Law can coordinate lessons or units guest-taught by law students; for example constitutional law, mock trial, or family law. For legal educational resources for your own classroom, we can compile cases or case summaries, fact scenarios, and other legal resources. Willamette Street Law can also assist in coordinating guest speakers, such as local lawyers, judges, and professors. Contact the Executive Director for more information on how Street Law can assist your legal classroom. 

Willamette University

Street Law

Willamette University College of Law
245 Winter Street SE
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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