Leadership for Attorneys in Business

This unique professional development opportunity offered through Willamette MBA’s Executive Development Center gives attorneys in business settings the tools they need to become indispensable to their organizations.

The Leadership for Attorneys in Business program is designed for associate and general counsels as well as specialists who apply their legal expertise to help companies achieve their objectives. Participants learn to be trusted advisers and organizational leaders by understanding and thinking about business issues the way business decision-makers do.

A Valuable Learning Experience

Participants will increase their value, productivity and effectiveness to their organizations by learning to:

  • Offer legal advice that enables the achievement of business goals
  • Understand financial reporting and the financial impact of legal advice
  • Work effectively with interdisciplinary teams and internal clients
  • Build relationships with key decision-makers and frame advice for maximum impact

Who Should Attend?

General counsels who manage an office and serve on the executive team.

Associate and general counsels who lack experience in business or who are learning to apply their legal expertise to serve business objectives.

Legal specialists who aspire to become generalists or who want their legal advice to be seen as adding value.

A Dynamic Program

Taught by faculty from Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management and College of Law as well as industry practitioners, the 4-day program is highly interactive and individualized. It has historically been approved for 24 Oregon CLEs and 24.5 Washington CLEs.

Participants receive a one-hour follow-up leadership coaching session as part of the program tuition, and additional coaching is available.