JAPAN TRIP DATES: Spring Break - Saturday, March 21 - Saturday, March 28, 2015

Course Information:

  • GSM7261G is a one credit independent study course and will be graded Pass/Fail. Credits for this course will count towards graduation requirements.
  • Professor: Professor Gary Knight
  • Who is Eligible to Apply: Current students of the Willamette University Early Career and Career Change MBA or the MBA for Professionals (prerequisites listed below). As part of the MBA for Life program, graduates of either program are also eligible to apply. Law students are also eligible to apply.
  • Prerequisites:
    Early Career and Career Change MBA students: Completed or concurrent enrollment in second semester PACE course, be in good academic and conduct standing* at time of registration for course and consistently demonstrates excellent professional communication, behavior and judgment. Must complete all PACE career management requirements prior to commencing travel.
    MBA for Professional students: Completed or concurrent enrollment in LEAD, be in good academic and conduct standing* at time of registration for course and consistently demonstrates excellent professional communication, behavior and judgment. Must complete all LEAD requirements prior to commencing travel.
    Exchange students, Accelerated MBA students and Law Students: Completed one semester of Willamette coursework, be in good academic and conduct standing* and consistently demonstrates excellent professional communication, behavior and judgment.
    *A student from any program with an incomplete grade at the time of application must go through an appeal process with the Associate Dean and be approved to participate in the trip prior to registering for the course.
  • Tuition: None for GSM7261G
  • Course requires attendance and participation in class sessions prior to the trip. Class Dates will be 2 Saturdays: Dates TBD. View tentative syllabus here.
  • Itinerary: View Tentative Itinerary (subject to change)

Estimated Costs

All inclusive of program fee, estimated airfare, visa and meals - $5305 (estimate for a minimum of 12 participating students)

  • Program Fee: $3305 per person assuming a minimum of 12 students enrolled (includes in-country travel and transportation, double occupancy hotel rooms, breakfasts, and 2 dinners). Students wanting a single room will pay an additional fee of $518.
  • Airfare: $1500 estimated
  • Visa is not required for US citizens: Non-US students may need to secure a tourist visa (varies based on citizenship)
  • Estimated additional Costs: $500 (including meals not included in program fee etc)

*Optional full day side trip Saturday, March 28 to Mt Fuji = $115

Financial Aid: Current students eligible for Federal Stafford or Graduate Plus loans may apply to borrow to cover the costs of the trip Contact Katy O'Neil in the WU Financial Aid Office

Application Process:

  • November 10 - Application Deadline
  • December 10 - Full payment required - $3305 (100% of program fee). This will confirm your participation (NOTE: Financial Aid can be increased for current students during spring semester to cover the program fee and other costs of the trip - see Katy O'Neil for details).

Refund Policy: There will be no refunds after midnight Monday, December 15 due to policies and procedures with our international partners.

Passport and Visa Information: Start this process no later than 90 days ahead.

  • Valid passport is required
  • Valid Visa is not required for US citizens. Requirements and fees may vary for students from other countries.

Important Dates

  • March 13 - Logistics & getting to know each other (Friday Evening Time & location to be determined)
  • March 14 & March 21 - Saturday Class Dates (Times to be determined)

Course Description and Rationale

This is a one-credit course that includes an international study trip to Japan in March 2015. The trip includes visits to numerous companies and other organizations in and around Tokyo. In this course we study (i) fundamentals of international business, (ii) the environments and challenges of emerging markets, (iii) strategies and operations for succeeding in emerging markets, and (iv) specific aspects of business in Japan.

Japan is home to 130 million people, in an area the size of California. Following World War II, the country emerged as an important world power in economic and geopolitical terms. Japan is the world’s third largest economy. Per-capita income of $38,000 implies enormous buying power. However, the country’s economy has been relatively stagnant for some years, with high government debt. Despite the recent growth of China and India, Japan remains a major force in world commerce. Japan has a huge industrial capacity, and is home to some of the largest and most technologically advanced producers of motor vehicles, electronics, machine tools, ships, chemicals, and processed foods. The country's retail market is huge. Japan is also an important destination for R&D and manufacturing in numerous industries.

Japan’s civilization dates back some 12,000 years. The country is widely known for its traditional arts as well as its contemporary pop culture. It is still possible to see kimono-clad women shuffling down the street with umbrellas overhead, alongside countless ‘salarymen’, white-collar workers in their Western suits. A sophisticated cuisine, unique social customs, and refined visual arts contribute to a culture attractive, and sometimes fashionable, to people around the world.

We will stay in Tokyo, one of the planet’s great cities, and the world's most populous metropolitan area, with more than 30 million people. The Tokyo region is home to most of Japan's largest companies, many of which compete directly with US firms. Tokyo is also the nation’s center of government. We will travel by bus and via Tokyo’s excellent subway and suburban train system.

Several class sessions will be held before the trip. Attendance is required.

View Tentative Itinerary

Download Tentative Syllabus

Questions? Please email us at mbaglobaltrip@willamette.edu

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