Bryan Schmidt gets his just desserts

by Erin Dahl ,

Over the past decade, Bryan Schmidt has mentored students, introduced a new health and fitness program at Sparks Athletic Center and helped Willamette win two world records in Red Light/Green Light.

Now he’s tasted his sweet reward — an exclusive Bistro cookie named in his honor.

“I’ve been saving my money for years and years, intending to donate it to have a building named after me,” jokes Schmidt, director of Campus Recreation. “But I have no reason to donate now. I have a cookie.”

The Schmidty, consisting of peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips and M&Ms, made its debut in January and is sold every Monday for $1.

Schmidt actually helped invent the cookie several years ago when he threw on an apron and joined student workers in The Bistro’s kitchen. The dessert was sold for a time, but for reasons no one can explain, it disappeared from the menu.

After hearing the story of the cookie, Hana Busse Hopkins ’16 knew it needed to make a comeback.

“This is Bryan’s personal favorite, and he claimed it used to be a big hit,” says Busse Hopkins, who works at The Bistro. “So far, people seem to like them.”

Describing the cookie as soft, warm and gooey, Schmidt says the oatmeal gives it just the right amount of healthiness. Plus, the abundance of ingredients makes it a better bargain than its rivals, the ever-popular chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

“Some people say the Schmidty is magical, that it reinvigorates them with new life,” Schmidt says. “I know I feel that way when I eat it. I’m honored to have this cookie bear my name.”

The Schmidty is The Bistro’s second sweet treat named after a real person. The iconic peanut butter and chocolate Buzz Bar honors Richard “Buzz” Yocom ’49, who worked as dean of Admission, registrar, director of international education and assistant to the president during a 43-year career at Willamette. 

Schmidty cookie

Bryan Schmidt, director of Campus Recreation, highly recommends the new Schmidty cookie at the Bistro, named in his honor.

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