Sparks Field construction update

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Preparation begins this week, parking and traffic flows to change over the summer.

  • Map showing the plan for the Sparks Field construction closures in the Sparks parking lot.
    During construction on Sparks Field, traffic will access the Sparks parking lot via Winter St. The entry from Bellevue St. will be closed.
  • Map showing the plan for the Sparks Field construction closures in the Sparks parking lot.
    During construction on Sparks Field, only the rows of spots nearest Bellevue St. will be open in Sparks parking lot.
  • Blueprint for the new and taller fence going up around Sparks Field and how the trees will be protected.
    This plan shows how the trees around Sparks Field will be protected during the construction project.

Preparation for summer construction of Sparks Field turf and netting will begin this week with the installation of a job site trailer on the northwest corner of the field. By May 11, crews will install construction fencing around the entire perimeter of the field.

The preparation is needed to begin construction right after commencement, with work expected to last most of the summer from May 14–Aug. 16. Completion is scheduled in time for fall athletic events.

Parking and traffic flow

When work begins on May 14, the Bellevue St. entry to the Sparks parking lot will be closed to all traffic except construction vehicles. Traffic entering Willamette should use the Winter St. entrance and reach the Sparks parking lot using Mill St., which runs in front of the sorority residences. (See diagram above.) To ease congestion on Mill St., parallel parking space will be limited and during busy periods completely unavailable.

The availability of parking in the Sparks lot will also decrease over the summer as an area closest to the fields will be used for construction equipment and materials staging. Most of the available parking spaces in the Sparks lot will be located closer to the Office of Admission and tennis courts. (See diagram above.) Standard pass holders may also use the University Apartments/Atkinson and Matthews lots over the summer.

Pedestrian alerts

Pedestrians entering the Sparks Athletic Center may be rerouted during busy construction periods to use the lower level entrance on the building’s west side closest to Hatfield Library. Foot traffic along the athletic center’s southern sidewalk to 12th St. and over the Tomodachi Pedestrian Bridge to TIUA may experience delays at times.

While Sparks Field will be enclosed in construction fencing, sidewalks around the field on 12th and Bellevue streets are anticipated to be open and available.

McCulloch Stadium area renovations

Renovations will also take place within the McCulloch Stadium area at Bush’s Pasture Park. During construction the stadium structure, restrooms and the Track and Grounds Storage Facility will be inaccessible. The pedestrian entrance from the parking lot, track and football field will be open as usual.

Questions about construction and parking can be directed to the Service Center at x6300 or

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