Willamette College of Law recognized by National Jurist Magazine

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Willamette University College of Law was recently recognized by the National Jurist magazine for its success in assisting graduates in finding employment, and was the only law school in the Pacific Northwest to be recognized.

Willamette is one of the best schools in the country at placing students in what the National Jurist calls “Small Law” jobs, i.e. jobs at firms with fewer than 100 attorneys.

Dean Curtis Bridgeman credited Willamette’s outstanding placement staff and its pro-active student body with the success. “Considering that most of the firms in the Pacific Northwest qualify as small law jobs by this definition, and also considering how many of our students choose to work in government or other public-service jobs, this is quite the accomplishment. It shows that our students work hard to develop meaningful careers in our profession from the first day of orientation. It also shows how highly the legal community in Oregon, Washington and beyond value the Willamette degree.”

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