American Studies Program class arrives

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  • Two students hold a sign saying "Welcome to Willamette" in both English and Japanese
  • A crowd of Bearcats in winter coats, and some holding welcome signs, clap and smile
  • An ASP student with outstretched arms runs from the bus to greet a friend.
  • Two students greet one another with a hug
  • Students edge the sidewalk by Sparks parking lot smiling and holding welcome signs
  • New students pull their bags following someone with a sign that says "Lausanne"
  • Suitcases line the parking lot curb near a sign that says Willamette in English and Japanese
  • Joyful students and employees line the sidewalk by Sparks parking lot smiling and holding welcome signs
  • ASP students disembark the bus and pull their suitcases up the sidewalk
  • An excited Bearcat waves their hands in the air as the new students disembark the bus
  • Two ASP students smile as the crowd greets them with cheers
  • A student holds a sign that says Welcome ASP in red, white and blue with a pink cherry blossom
  • Smiling Bearcats welcome the new class members
  • Two students with a sign that says Welcome ASP Class of 2020!
  • As a student walks from the bus, another steps forward from the crowd extending a handshake
  • Crowd of students and employees, one holding a sign saying "Welcome ASP Students"

With cheers and smiles, a crowd of roughly 75 Bearcats welcomed members of the 2020 American Studies Program class to campus Feb. 3 near Hatfield Fountain. 

The new class includes 93 students from Japan and China. The students represent five different schools at Tokyo International University: language communication, international relations, human social sciences, economics, and business and communication. 

There are many ways to be involved with ASP this year, including joining students for Tuesday and Wednesday dinner and conversation, hosting students in the Tomodachi Program, and being a student worker. Job opportunities include international peer coaches, academic peer tutors, summer programming coordinators and international program assistants.

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