Update on the WU Well U Agreement

by Lisa Landreman, Vice President for Student Affairs,

VP Lisa Landreman calls on the entire community to follow and enforce the university's COVID-19 health policies and provides an update on fan usage and approved dining spaces.

Dear Students,

I hope that the transition to classes has been going well. As I look out my window of the University Center, it warms my heart to see students adjusting to life 6 feet apart and wearing masks as they head to class and sitting by the Mill Stream. Now that we are in full operation, I have some important information and clarifications to ensure we can continue to offer an in-person campus experience.

The WU Well U Agreement is university policy 

As the agreement states, all Willamette community members’ presence and participation in university activities require adherence to these guidelines. Incidents of noncompliance can be documented and adjudicated through the conduct process. Blatant or repeated violations to the Well U Agreement could result in university sanctions that can include removal from housing, in-person instruction, and/or suspension from campus. Any member of the Willamette community can file an incident report for Well U Agreement violations using this form.

It’s on all of us

It is everyone’s responsibility — not just that of the faculty, staff, RAs or other student leaders — to follow and enforce the COVID health policies. We ask everyone to talk to friends, classmates, co-workers and peers about the Well U Agreement guidelines when you see a violation occurring. Be respectful and direct in your conversation. If the person has repeatedly violated policy or has engaged in a serious violation don’t hesitate to contact Campus Safety or the Office of Student Affairs for assistance. You can also file an incident report for Well U Agreement violations using this form.


Given the changing scientific understanding of the role improved air circulation plays in preventing COVID-19 transmission, we recommend that anyone who has guests in their private space (office, residence hall room, etc.) use open windows and a box fan to increase fresh-air exchange. Those seeking an even higher level of protection may tape a MERV13 filter to a second fan following these instructions. As fans become available we will put additional fans in common areas in residence halls. Restroom fans throughout campus and the residence halls are running 24/7.


Because masks are removed to eat, we must limit the locations where eating is allowed. 

Places students can eat:

  • Goudy/tent
  • Outside
  • In their private residence hall room
  • Designated  indoor spaces for law and MBA students 

Students cannot eat in classrooms or designated study spaces. It is even more crucial that 6 feet of distance be maintained when eating and masks put back on when eating is completed.

My sincere thank you to so many of you who are taking the safety of our community seriously and to those who have shared feedback and ideas for how to ensure our well-being. It is clear that Willamette is a place where people care about community, and for that, I am proud to be a Bearcat!

Be well,


Willamette University

University Communications

Waller Hall, Fourth Floor
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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