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Get vaccinated — it's safe and effective

by Marketing and Communications,

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet with friends on campus again? Sit in a classroom and interact with the whole class, or hang out in The Bistro with a big study group? 

Get vaccinated. It’s the best opportunity for us to return to the Willamette experience we miss.

COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are highly effective at preventing infection, serious illness and death from the virus — more than 230 million people have safely received them. Plenty of information exists online about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, and that’s why we encourage students to book appointments as soon as possible to meet deadlines before fall semester begins. Anyone over 16 is eligible for the vaccine. Find your nearest distribution location

If students have any reservations about being vaccinated, they should consult their care provider or doctor, said Nathan Brown, president of Willamette’s professionally-licensed and student-run EMS agency, WEMS

All WEMS members have been vaccinated under Oregon’s vaccination plan, he said, allowing them to resume serving campus.  

Non nobis solum nati sumus — our diligence is key to keeping the campus community safe and ultimately experiencing college as you should. 

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