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Willamette Emergency Medical Services

Willamette University's on-campus, no-cost emergency medical provider.

About WEMS

Willamette University Emergency Medical Services (WEMS) is a volunteer, student-run, professionally licensed EMS agency that provides Basic Life Support (BLS) to students, faculty, staff, and guests of the Willamette University community. WEMS was founded in 1997 by students concerned with the safety and well-being of those on the university's campus. Today, WEMS continues to provide emergency health services while operating under a non-punitive educational response; specifically, allowing students to call for help while minimizing the consequences of outside agencies becoming involved (i.e Salem Police Department, Salem Fire Department, Falck Ambulance, etc.). WEMS works together with Campus Safety to provide confidential emergency medical care. Members are all medically trained and licensed by the Oregon Health Authority as either Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) or EMT-Basics prior to joining WEMS.

Our mission is to provide early response emergency medical services for members of the Willamette University community and visitors to the University Campus.  WEMS provides health education, public health interventions, and an opportunity for members to enhance their leadership skills. 

Do you want WEMS at your event or sports game? WEMS is available to be requested to be in attendance for any event on campus to provide first aid and basic life support medical services to your guests. If you would like WEMS at your next event, fill out this form

Hours of Operation

Salem Campus

Dial 503-370-6911 for medical emergencies on campus (24/7).

Portland Campus

WEMS does not provide on-demand service for the Portland campuses. Dial 503-621-2061 to reach PNCA Campus Safety (24/7).

WEMS By The Numbers

More information about WEMS can be found in our semester reports, published every semester with the most pertinent data about our organization.

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Willamette University

Willamette Emergency Medical Services

Salem Campus

Campus Safety
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