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Rohan Grey visits University of Manchester

by Sarah Bello,

Rohan Grey

A growing scholar with an impressive repertoire, Assistant Professor Rohan Grey made his way across the pond to visit the University of Manchester in December 2021.

Grey is nearly finished with his second year teaching contracts, business organizations and securities regulation, in addition to a new course of his own design on law, money and technology, at Willamette Law. 

Grey is a prominent voice in global financial news and focuses his research on the legal design and regulation of money and finance, as well as broader issues of law and political economy. This was his fourth invitation to the school in the United Kingdom, though he anticipates spending more time there in the future.

While there, Grey collaborated with Professor John Haskell, co-director of the Law & Technology Initiative and the Manchester International Law Center. Grey met Haskell through his work with the Association for Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL). Haskell has been a mentor and colleague for many years.

“John is teaching courses at Manchester in law, money and technology in a similar way to how I am,” Grey says. “There are interesting issues coming out of that space, and we hope the subject will gain more prominence in law school in general. Being at Willamette, where we’re in the middle of reimagining the bar, it’s the perfect place to reimagine how we should teach at the intersection of law, money and technology.”

In addition to presenting a few talks and workshops, Grey worked with Haskell to produce a few short policy notes, a podcast and a longer article on teaching about money and technology in the law school context. He also assisted in the development of partnerships with leading law firms in the area.

This summer, the two will meet in New York to participate as faculty for the Levy Economics Institute’s Summer Seminar on Modern Money Theory (MMT).

“The most important questions about money and finance today are global, and they integrate not only economics and finance, but also law and technology,” Grey says. “Prof. Haskell is one of the leading thinkers at the intersection of international law, money and technology. Having the opportunity to work with him and sort of cross-pollinate between the US and UK is very valuable.”

Grey has increasingly been called upon as an expert for various news articles on MMT, digital currency, inflation and financial legislation. Already this year, he has been quoted in the New York Times twice and appeared as a guest on “The Problem” podcast with writer and comedian Jon Stewart.

“The issues that I care about and have been working on are ones that have been thrust into the national spotlight,” Grey says. “There’s a lot of demand for people to understand these things, and it’s been a pleasure to participate in the conversation.”

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