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Career Development Office helps Elana Greenberg BA’21, MS’22 land her dream job at Hewlett Packard

by Linda Lenhoff,

Elana Greenberg BA’21, MS’22 landed a dream job that combines her interests in the technical and the human — and she thanks Willamette’s Career Development office for helping to guide her through her job search process. Greenberg earned her bachelor’s in Math with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, then a master of science in Data Science. She’s now a data analyst at Hewlett Packard in Vancouver, Wa., where she provides insights for the Consumer Digital Services team, asking questions like: how can we reduce friction for the customers using this product? “I like the really creative elements of my job,” Greenberg says. “Some analysts only look at earnings, so I love that I get to experience a more human element.”

The recent graduate credits Willamette’s career advising for getting her through a tough, post-pandemic year of job searching. “I would not have made it through if not for the Office of Career Development.” The staff helped Greenberg fix her resume, provided direction, and encouraged her to remain confident despite what felt like a long road. The support Greenberg had while she was a student didn’t stop at graduation, and she continued to learn and grow through her Willamette connections.

“It’s hard not to get down on yourself, especially after a year of job searching,” Greenberg says, adding that the center helped her network, putting her in contact with other Willamette alumni and suggesting a women in technology group for her to visit. “I got to talk to a lot of people and got great advice. That’s not something I would have been able to find without Career Development pointing me in that direction.”

The data science program was a great fit for Greenberg, she says, citing Albaugh Assistant Professor of Statistics Heather Kitada Smalley, Contributing Assistant Professor of Data Science Hendrik Orem, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jed Rembold for their great teaching. “It was so nice to be able to learn so many new things and also be surrounded by professors who are passionate about their students and learning. I don’t think you get that at other schools.”

Greenberg adds that some nights she’d email a professor at midnight with a question and receive an answer in minutes. “Learning the data science material is great, but the person-to-person learning is really special in the program.”

That person-to-person emphasis is what attracted Greenberg to Willamette in the first place. When she was looking at colleges, she chose Willamette “because the college sent something to my parents about how to handle your first kid going off to college, and I thought that was so thoughtful, as we’re really close.”

“It was wonderful to know that Willamette cared about me not just as a student, but as a person with a family and history,” Greenberg says.

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