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This daily bulletin is emailed to the Willamette community every morning during the academic year. Please make a habit of scanning through it for pertinent announcements including the Daily Update, Things to Know, Save the DateThings to Do, information about employee transitions, job listings, and links to stories about Bearcats featured in the media. 

Submit your news, announcements and event information. Our goal is to make Today a one-stop shop to easily find and share information about happenings on campus, but we can’t do it without you. 


Adding your announcements and events is easy — submit an announcement or submit an event. Submissions are curated by Marketing & Communications. When published on the website, they are searchable and can be viewed by the public.

Deadline 2 p.m.

Submissions received by 2 p.m. on Monday through Thursday will appear in the next morning’s edition. Friday submissions made before 2 p.m. will be published Monday. Announcements submitted over the weekend will appear in the Tuesday edition. 

Sections populated by your submissions


  • Things to Know — This section features announcements submitted by students, faculty and staff that are meant for the larger Willamette community including good news, accomplishments, publications, honors, employee transitions, and updates from campus leaders, departments, offices and student orgs.
    • Clothing, food and environmental drives should be submitted as announcements, not events. See the FAQs regarding repetition of such announcements over the course of a drive.
    • For announcements regarding items for a very specific audience, such as roommate inquiries, items for sale and such, use Willamette Switchboard
    • Regarding employee transitions: Supervisors are welcome to share updates about new faculty and staff and about colleagues making transitions, including information regarding interim plans and farewell or retirement gatherings. New employees will automatically be listed in Today on Mondays. Supervisors should consult HR if unsure about whether to share farewell information. 
    • Announcements will be curated to exclude events, which will be featured in the “Save the Date” and “Things to Do” sections.
  • Save the Date — Promote campus events approximately one month and one week ahead of your event. You can only feature an event in this section twice. 
  • Things to Do — What’s happening in the next 48 hours on campus? Find out here. This section features events that have been submitted to the university’s events calendar.

Questions, resources and feedback


Please, consider these frequently asked questions before contacting the Today editor.

Today questions and feedback

Direct questions to Jen Johnson, editor of Today, at

Calendar questions

If you have questions about the events calendar, there is help on the website. If the online documentation doesn’t answer your questions, contact Web Communications Specialist Tonya Wheeler, who manages the calendar.


For announcements regarding items for a very specific audience, please use Willamette Switchboard rather than Today. Moderated by the Alumni Office, this Craigslist-like forum allows students, employees, parents, alumni and friends of the university to “ask for what you need” and “offer what you have.” If you’re selling items, looking to network with alumni about jobs, seeking roommates and the like, try Switchboard.


Please contact us at with your questions and feedback.

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