Happy Makar Sankranti

Contact: Kimberly E Griggs

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life wishes happiness to all those celebrating today.

Makar Sankranti, a Hindu festival, marks the change from a decrease to an increase of the sun. This observance is twinned with Lohri and Maghi (celebrated by Sikhs and people from the Punjab region of South Asia), which also marks the passing of the winter solstice.

It is both a Hindu religious and seasonal festival, and Makar Sankranti is dedicated to Lord Surya, the Sun God. Taking dips in rivers, passing out sweets and kite-flying mark many celebrations of Makar Sankranti. And according to Hindu belief, if one dies on Makar Sankranti, they are not reborn but go straight to paradise.

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life wishes everyone celebrating a happy Makar Sankranti. May the Sun God fill your homes with sunshine and happiness. 


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