Lenten Reflection Series 2022

Contact: Kimberly E Griggs

Ineda P. Adesanya, the University Chaplain, offers a Lenten reflection.

This week I am seeking with intention to give up over-commitment and to create more opportunities to go off to a quiet place to pray like Jesus so frequently did. Consider what you are doing to mimic Jesus’ life on earth this Lent and within that, what you are willing to sacrifice? If you have not decided, it is not too late. Consider more of the following suggestions of “things to give up” by an unknown author:

People Pleasing – I can’t please everyone anyway. There is only one I need to strive to please.

Comparison – I have my own unique contribution to make and there is no one else like me.

Blame – I am not going to pass the buck. I will take responsibility for my actions.

Guilt – I am loved by Jesus and he has forgiven my sins. Today is a new day and the past is behind.

Over-commitment – Do less better and accomplish more.

Lack of Counsel – Wise decisions are rarely made in a vacuum.

Impurity – Live lives pure and without blemish.

Entitlement – The world does not owe me anything. God does not owe me anything. I live in humility and grace.

Apathy – Life is too short not to care.

Hatred – Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

Please be reminded that it is my hope to collect 40 Lenten Reflections from various WU community members to share each day with our Willamette community. I am looking for short reflections that can be inspiring, encouraging, or thought-provoking reflections pertaining to ethical, spiritual or religious life. You do not have to be religiously or spiritually affiliated to submit. With an eye for fit and flow, I will review and place each submission. If you are interested in contributing, please upload a short reflection using the below link.

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