Lenten Reflection Series 2022

Contact: Kimberly E Griggs

Mary Martin, administrative program coordinator, offers a Lenten reflection.

"The first day after Lent is Good Friday. When I was in second grade Good Friday was a school holiday. Just like most years, my mom dressed me up (hat, gloves, lacey anklets) and took me to church for the second highest day of observance in the Christian world. After the pastor delivered a prayerful sermon in his deep voice he walked behind the altar, picked up a sheer black cloth and then slowly draped it over the large gold cross on the altar. I have a really clear memory of my mother's gloved hand reaching into her small purse and pulling out a lacey hankie that she used to dab away the tears running down her cheeks. Her purse was black patent leather and her gloves were olive green. Her devotion to Jesus was strong and she was never far from the grief she felt for His suffering.

I remember asking her about Lent because the kids who went to Holy Rosary were all a'chatter about what they were giving up for Lent. She said we don't give things up for Lent. We only think about Lent. 'We're Lutheran."

Please be reminded, if you are interested in contributing to this Lenten series, we invite you to upload a short reflection using the link below.

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