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The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life acknowledges Ayambil Oli.

Ayambil Oli, or Navpad Oli, is a nine-day festival that occurs twice a year when devout Jains undertake a special type of fasting. Ayambil is an external Tapa, a spiritual practice that aims to help Jains shed karmic bondage. Instead of renouncing all food during this festival, Jains renounce taste through eating one meal a day of boiled grains with no oils, spices, sugar or dairy added. Many consider Ayambil to be more auspicious than completely renouncing food.  

Over the course of this observance, Jains revere the following nine supreme entities of the universe on each of the nine days: 1) Arihants- liberated souls who have helped revive and advance Jainism; 2) Siddhas- liberated souls that are free from the cycle of samsara and have achieved moksha; 3) Acharyas- spiritual leaders of the Jain Sangh; 4) Upadhyays- Sadhus and Sadhvis who have mastered Jain scriptures and impart their knowledge to ascetics and laypeople; 5) Sadhu/Sadhvis- monks and nuns who have left their material possessions in pursuit of spiritual well-being; 6) Samyak Darshan- right faith; 7) Samyak Gyan- right knowledge; 8) Samyak Charitra- right conduct; and 9) Samyak Tap- right austerity. 

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life wishes all who are observing, a very auspicious Ayambil Oli.


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