Summer wifi changes

Contact: Casey J Feskens

Temporary wireless networks in place during summer upgrades.

This summer, WITS staff will be replacing wireless access points in administrative and academic buildings. Temporary wireless networks are being put in place for the summer, so you may see two different sets of wireless networks in your building as we make the transition to new equipment.

In addition to the legacy wireless networks, ‘BlitzNet’ and ‘Willamette Guest’, you will begin seeing two new wireless networks around campus: ‘WU Summer Wifi’ and ‘WU Summer Guest’ as new wireless access points are installed. If you no longer see your preferred network available, please connect to one of the two temporary networks as you see them appear in your building. A new, permanent set of wireless networks will be put in place in late summer. New wireless networks are already available in Hatfield Library, Fine Arts, and Ford Hall.

Passwords for joining all wireless networks are available.

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