Campus furniture move requests

Contact: Tony Perez

How do I schedule support for moving classroom or office furniture?

Greetings Bearcats, 

Welcome back. We in facilities are so excited and looking forward to a great school year. We are currently noticing a high volume of service requests with supports in “moves “.

This is normal for this time of year with everyone returning and setting up their spaces while welcoming others to campus, we understand this service is very important. Due to a reduction in staffing, we do not have the labor to support most moves in-house anymore. We have recently partnered with a moving sub-contractor who will support our requests for moves. The following will outline the procedures and expectations on the facilities services moving requests.


  • The requestor must please submit a facilities work order request with the details on the moving request and point of contact.
  • The Facilities Services team will receive the request within 24 hours or the next business day. We will evaluate and then follow up with the “point of contact” to discuss logistics.
  • The team will then prioritize all the moves on campus and contact the moving sub-contractor to schedule a date to provide the requested services. Once confirmed we will follow up in the work order system by providing the date and or approximate window of time.
  • A team member will coordinate and provide the moving sub-contractor with direction and support throughout campus with the moves.


  • Requestors will be charged for their request on moves unless we are notified by leadership.
  • To insure we are being fiscally responsible and efficient we are looking to group and schedule most moving work order requests a week in advance. There is a minimum charge so if we can group most moves together a week in advance this saves all on the cost.
  • Once again moves may not happen for up to 7 -10 days due to scheduling. Please schedule this in your planning on all moving requests.
  • We appreciate all your support and understanding as we continue to provide a solution to support these moves and serve the mission of the University.


Tony Perez

Facilities Support Services Manager

Willamette University

Marketing and Communications

Waller Hall, Fourth Floor
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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