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Contact: Gary C Grimm

Welcome Schnitzer Center and Glass faculty and staff to the WU Facilities Service Request System.

We have just completed working with our system provider on getting all Portland campus users into our system and test driving the data import. It’s now ready to go live, so if you are new to the service request system or haven’t used it yet, here are some helpful tips.

Please note: All work requests should be submitted via the service request system, and not by phone or email to facilities staff. That is the quickest way to get the information into the queue, and it is also the way we track all of the costs associated with the system.

The service request system can be accessed from a link on the Willamette Facilities Management webpage. Feel free to bookmark it for ease of access.

The page you see when you open the new system will instruct you on navigating the system, as well as having shortcuts to a “how to” tutorial and explanation of what we charge for and what we don’t charge for. Those tutorials will be in the left margin of the page and titled “shortcuts.” You can even personalize how the SR form looks on your screen. There are plenty of help screens available by clicking the "help" button on the top right portion of the screen.

The new system is not available for student input, but if you have a Willamette email address, you will have access to it. Students will use the current procedures of notifying faculty, staff or advisors to submit service requests.

The SR system will require the submitter to submit a valid departmental GL number, which is in the pull down menu named “GL Number.” For SCAD and Glass users the number is 10-40710-6460.

This is a very important step as the SR will not be activated without a valid GL number. Facilities will determine if it’s a charge to your department or is something facilities pays for when we do our monthly charge review.

Once in the system, you will be able to submit and view the service requests you submit. When updates are made to the service request, a notification will be automatically emailed to you, as well as anyone else’s email you have included on the request. Remember that if you are submitting service requests for staff or faculty, please include their email so they too get updates.

Please note: Due to the number and nature of work requests facilities receives daily, the department may not be able to address all of them in a timely manner. The most urgent are addressed first.

A service request submission gives facilities expressed consent to enter any office or room. Any personal items that may be in the way will need to be moved or removed so they can’t be damaged as work is being done. Facilities staff will not be responsible for moving any personal items.

As you transition to using the SR system and find you need assistance or training on the system, please call Ryan Snyder at 503 370-6003. He will help guide you or submit the service request for you if necessary until you are comfortable using the system.

Writing a good work request: Include the location, a detailed description of the problem or request, the departmental account number — and most importantly, a name and contact number — as well as the email addresses of anyone who should be receiving updates on the work request.

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