Final exam wellness, relaxation & self-care initiative for students

Contact: Brian Eno

Do you need a mindful break? Want to enjoy a relaxing activity?

Do you need a mindful break? Want to enjoy a relaxing activity?

Luckily, Project: Professionals, in collaboration with the Multicultural Law Student Association and the Latinx Law Student Association would like to present:


Students will have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of free passes to off-campus facilities where they will be able to enjoy free yoga classes or gym passes to Courthouse Club Fitness. This opportunity is open to all students on the Willamette campus. Registration is first come, first serve.

Please take a moment for yourself and take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. If you can't, please remember to take a moment to do something that helps you get through this stressful time. You're almost at the finish line!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to, or

A special thanks to the generous financial support of the Community Action Fund for Sustainability and Equity (CAFES), which is funded through student fees.

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